As part of your Labour Party membership, you have already agreed to the following:

“I pledge to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour Party in my conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members and I stand against all forms of abuse.

I understand that if found to be in breach of the Labour Party policy on online and offline abuse, I will be subject to the rules and procedures of the Labour Party.”

In using or commenting on this web page or using any social media associated with Scarborough and Whitby Constituency Labour Party, you also agree to abide by the following (based on the Labour Party Code of Conduct but amended July 2018):

A starting point for all our actions as members of a party and a movement, is to treat all people with dignity and respect. This applies to all our dealings with people, offline and online.

Everyone should feel able to take part in discussion about our party, country and world. We want to maximise this debate, including critical discussion, as long as it does not result in the exclusion of others.

We wish to build a diverse movement that reflects the whole of society, so should always consider how our actions and words may limit the confidence or otherwise exclude either those less knowledgeable than ourselves or those already under-represented in politics.

Those with privilege, whether due to their volume of experience, party position or status in society should have regard to how their actions may be felt by those in different circumstances to themselves.

It is perfectly possible to have vehement disagreements without descending into personal abuse, shaming people or exhibiting bullying behaviour. Forcefully made points and criticisms of the political views of others are totally legitimate, personal attacks are not.

Debates among party members should be comradely, acknowledging that whatever our diverse views, we are one party with shared goals.

Unacceptable behaviour:

  • Abusing someone online is just as serious as doing so face to face. We stand against all forms of abuse and will take action against those who commit it.
  • Harassment, intimidation, hateful language and bullying are never acceptable, nor is any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. Misogynistic terms will not be tolerated.
  • While debate around transgender issues is both acceptable and necessary, please refrain from using insulting or abusive terms or language. Mis-gendering transsexual people, regardless of Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) or self-identification, is not acceptable, so please use either terms that the individual prefers or gender-neutral alternatives. The same applies to using insulting terms against someone just because you disagree. Please keep the debate respectful.
  • When discussing races, religions, nations, etc, please don’t make negative generalisations or spread offensive tropes or stereotypes. Again, if you have a point to make, please make them with supporting evidence and rational arguments.
  • Derogatory descriptions of the positions of others should be avoided. Accusing forum members or Labour Party members of being members of another political party or political persuasion as a generic insult is not tolerated. If you have a point to make, please make them with supporting evidence and rational arguments. Terms such as ‘traitor’, ‘murderer’ etc used as a generic insult will also not be accepted.
  • Anonymous accounts or otherwise hiding one’s identity for the purpose of abusing others is never permissible.
  • Trolling or otherwise disrupting the ability of others to debate is not acceptable, nor is consistently mentioning or making contact with others when this is not welcome.
  • The use of sexualised language or imagery and unwelcome sexual attention or advances are not acceptable, nor is the publishing of others’ private information without their explicit permission.

Please refrain from using controversial swear words which cause offence.

We should not give voice to those who persistently engage in abuse and should avoid sharing their content, even when the item in question is unproblematic. Those who consistently abuse other or spread hate should be shunned and not engaged with in a way that ignores this behaviour.

Aggressive, threatening, harassing behaviour or language towards others using the platform is not acceptable.

We all have a responsibility to challenge abuse and to stand in solidarity with victims of it. We should attempt to educate and discourage abusers rather than responding in kind.

Actions and remedies

Minor infractions will result in comments being deleted or users being asked to edit comments. Others may result in users being muted for a period of time. More serious infractions will result in removal from the group, page or website. Admin’s decision on any such action is final.

If you have any concerns or questions or wish to report a problem, in the first instance please contact us directly by messaging admin if the platform allows, or email

This does not remove your right to make a formal complaint. This can be done by contacting the Labour Party head of complaints:

Remember, while we may disagree, we are all on the same side and should have a common cause; a Labour government. Please be respectful and civil towards one another. We are stronger when we stand together.

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