Thank-you to everyone who voted for us in the local elections yesterday (May 2).

The results are in, the official posts are here:


Conservatives: 16

Independent: 14

Labour: 13

Green: 2


Our manifesto: Scarborough and Whitby Labour Party, a fresh start for a better future

The Tories have run Scarborough Borough Council into the ground. They are complacent, incompetent and out-of-touch. They have presided over:

  • streets getting dirtier
  • fewer bin collections
  • public toilets disappearing
  • rising car park charges
  • less and less affordable housing
  • failed regeneration plans and projects
  • mismanagement of council finances

We need a fresh start. We need a stronger vision for the future. Only Labour can repair the damage the Conservatives have done to our borough.

Labour offers:

  • More affordable housing
  • More community-led action to support vital local services
  • A plan to keep our streets, parks and beaches clean
  • Fairer council tax and action to boost our local economy and support our high streets
  • Responsible and accountable decision-making

Read our full manifesto

The wards and Labour candidates

Wards in Scarborough area:

Burniston and Cloughton: Moira Cunningham (182 votes, lost to Conservative Backhouse 356, beat UKIP Kristensen 142)

Castle: Alex Bailey, Carl Maw (Both elected with 568 & 571 votes respectively along with independent Jefferson. Green 432, UKIP 343, Conservative 229)

Cayton: Colin Barnes (lost with 435 to Conservatives Swiers 601 & Green 559)

Derwent Valley & Moor: David Billing (Billing got 309 but lost to Conservatives Jeffels 727 & Phillips 583 and Green Johnson 445 and Liberal Lockwood 339. Under, was independent Wright 246 & UKIP Spruce 236)

Eastfield: Joanne Maw, Theresa Norton, Tony Randerson (all three Labour candidates elected with, respectively, 452, 410 & 616 votes. UKIP McCann got 307 & Conservative White got 202)

Falsgrave & Stepney: Liz Colling, Mark Gordon (Result: Bartlett Cook (Lib) 221, Colling (Lab) 753 elected, Forbes (Green) 822 elected, Gordon (Lab) 703, Hunter (Ind) 321, Longden (UKIP) 485, Reeves (Con) 252, Relph (Ind) 466, Robinson (Green) 856 elected, Thompson (Con) 247)

Newby: Subash Sharma (Result: Bastiman L (Con) 386, Henderson (Ind) 541, Heritage (UKIP) 594 elected, Jenkinson (Con) 464, Kindness (Green) 545, Murphy (Ind) 860 elected, Sharma (Lab) 591 elected )

Northstead: Eric Broadbent, Neil Price, Yvonne Pattison (Eric won here with 624, but independent Smith 616 & Atkinson 602 got the other two. Independent Murphy 552, Yvonne 494, UKIP Thorne 433, Neil 423, Conservative Smith 315, Green Naptali 313)

Scalby: Tina Davy (Result Scalby: Bastiman (Con) 495 elected, Davy (Lab) 283, Fernander (Green) 424, Harland (UKIP) 371, Lynskey (Con) 516 elected)

Seamer: Colin Challen (Result: Challen (Lab) 205, Jackman (Lib) 338, Mallory (Con) 390 elected, Murphy (Ind) 537 elected, Phillips (Con) 193, Sinclair (UKIP) 324)

Weaponness & Ramshill: Rich Maw, Steve Siddons, Connor Young (Rich & Steve elected with 741 & 761 respectively along with independent Grieve. Connor didn’t get in, with 590 and Green Bonner was close with 703. Conservatives Fox 573, Kelly 511 & Walsh 447, UKIP 395)

Woodlands: Andy Leak, Richard Moody, Denise Sangster (three independents won this Kershaw 714, Chatt 690, Popple 583, then Leak 437, Moody 432, Green Phillips 388, Sangster 370 and finally the two Conservatives Edmunds 282 & White 203)

Wards in Whitby area:

Danby & Mulgrave: Amanda Daynes (Result: Clarkson (UKIP) 246, Daynes (Lab) 363, Gibson (UKIP) 177, Jackson (Green) 380, Pearson (Con) 718 elected, Sumner (Ind) 305, Watson (Con) 593 elected)

Esk Valley: Peter Bolton (Result: Bolton (Lab) 383, Coulson (Con) 813 elected, Michulitis (UKIP) 233, Trumper (Con) 597 elected)

Fylingdales & Ravenscar: Keith Jeffrey (Result: Jeffery (Lab) 209, Mayall (UKIP) 173, Mortimer (Con) 365 elected)

Mayfield: Gerald Dennett, Asa Jones (Close, but the Conservatives got these: Result: Chance (Con) 416 elected, Dennett (Lab) 324, Goodberry (Con) 517 elected, Jones Aaron (UKIP) 237, Jones Asa (Lab) 339)

Streonshalh: Stewart Campbell, Mike Stonehouse (Both Labour candidates won here: Campbell (Lab) 368 elected, Harrison (UKIP) 273, Stonehouse (Lab) 377 elected, Turner (Con) 315, Wild (Con) 22)

Whitby West Cliff: Sue Tucker (Sue won: Result #Whitby West Cliff Ward: Abbott (Con) 317 elected, Collinson (Ind) 170, Derrick (Yorkshire) 136, Green (Green) 196, Harston (Lib) 195, Hordon (UKIP) 154, Nock (Con) 254, Tucker (Lab) 323 elected, Ward (Ind) 229)

Wards in Filey area:

Filey: Bob Colling

Hunmanby: Martin Whittle (Result: Allanson (Con) 421, Donohue-Moncrieff (Ind) 972 elected, Riley (Ind) 801 elected, Seston (Con) 160, Whittle (Lab) 158)

(Last updated 5 June 2019)

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