It’s time for a Green New Deal

Our planet is facing a climate emergency while our country’s economy is stalling. We have to act – and quickly.

Labour’s Green New Deal is a radical 10-year plan to put environment at the heart of government. It’s a massive investment in clean energy for everyone, in kick-starting growth and tackling climate change.

  • Creating hundreds of thousands of good, sustainable jobs.
  • Upgrading the country’s housing stock by insulating every home and installing solar panels on nearly 2 million homes.
  • Revitalising public transport across the country.
  • Ensuring almost all of our electricity and most of our heat come from renewable and low carbon sources by 2030
  • Creating a new Clean Air Act

Reducing emissions and securing a future for our planet needs a huge public investment. We know that the big polluters and banks won’t take the initiative. Government must act, and only Labour is ready for the challenge.

The Green New Deal plan shows how Labour will respond speedily to climate crisis, and deliver economic recovery. What’s more, good, clean jobs will transform towns, cities and communities that have been forgotten for decades.

Hornsea coast wind farm (photo: Ørsted)
Hornsea coast wind farm (photo: Ørsted)

What are the wins for Scarborough and Whitby?

Labour’s proposals have the potential to transform left-behind coastal and rural communities. The Green New Deal delivers big investment into communities like ours that have been held back for decades. Government has to take a lead, and the private sector will follow.

There are obvious wins for Scarborough and Whitby. The green revolution will

  • Focus on excellent, sustainable public transport, so that local people can take up work, education and leisure opportunities that are currently impossible.
  • Provide a huge boost to the ports of Scarborough and Whitby as service centres for new off-shore wind farms – with profits reinvested in local regeneration.
  • Refurbish local housing stock.
  • Alleviate fuel poverty – a hidden but very real issue across the constituency.
  • Make villages hubs of new small business, through free full-fibre broadband for all.
  • Offer hundreds of high quality apprenticeships and opportunities to up-skill, in a constituency with low levels of training and education.
  • Create much-needed real jobs.
  • Rebalance the national economy by investing in the North – which benefits the whole region.

Big gains for Scarborough and Whitby

Efficient and reliable public transport will transform the local economy. The Green New Deal’s promise of big investments in wind power, high quality training, and upgrading housing stock – all these have the potential to offer new opportunities that will change lives.

Wind farms

Labour sees wind power as the future. The new wind farms will be joint-venture partnerships between publicly-owned Regional Energy Agencies (REAs) and existing offshore wind developers. 37 new wind farms will increase the UK’s capacity for wind energy five-fold, providing energy for 57 million households and creating 67,000 new jobs – 11,000 of those in Yorkshire and Humber.

The project will see an £83 billion investment over 10 years. 20% of its public profits will be pumped into regenerating coastal towns – with local communities making decisions on how the money is spent. The other 80% will be reinvested into decarbonising the economy and tackling climate change.

Under the party’s 10-year plan, the UK’s capacity for wind energy would increase by fivefold and benefit from an £83bn investment.

Climate Apprenticeships

Labour will close the skills gap with 320,000 new Climate Apprenticeships across the UK in its first term in government.

Climate Apprenticeships will offer training to school leavers – and workers looking to change jobs mid-career – creating the engineers, technicians and construction workers we need to transition to a green economy.

There’s a severe skills shortage, particularly in higher technical skills, across the nation. Businesses are already worried they won’t be able to fill skilled posts. The skills gap will only grow with automation and the need to respond to climate change. Here in Scarborough and Whitby, levels of educational attainment are significantly lower than regional and national averages, and skilled workers are in short supply.

Labour proposes to reform the current apprenticeship levy, to better meet the needs of employers and to tackle the climate emergency. This will give employers more flexibility in how they spend their levy funds, so they can be more responsive to the needs of the economy. Labour will also allow businesses to transfer more money to non-levy-paying small and medium-sized businesses.

Climate Apprenticeships will be funded by diverting 25 per cent of the funds employers already set aside through the Apprenticeship Levy, and topped up by any dividends over the cap paid into Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds.

Improving housing stock

The Labour government will upgrade 58,800 homes here in Scarborough and Whitby to the highest standard of energy efficiency, cutting bills and carbon emissions, and creating 958 jobs in trades such as carpentry, window-fitting and engineering.

This will transform the lives of the estimated 12% of households in fuel poverty in Scarborough and Whitby. And it will make life more comfortable and affordable for all.

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