Life experiences help me to understand the daily issues of Eastfield. Joanne Maw
Joanne Maw

One of Scarborough Borough Council’s biggest problems is its lack of diversity. Working-class, working age women are hugely under-represented. In the last borough council elections, in 2015, I stood in Eastfield, and unfortunately missed out by just one vote.

I’d like to say why I think I am well-qualified to represent the people of Eastfield. I’m a married mother of three children, who are now aged 11,19 and 24. I grew up on a council estate and experienced many of the same issues experienced to this day by Eastfield residents, issues such as poor housing, low wages, poverty and crime.

Scarborough has a particular issue with homelessness because of low wages, high rents and a reliance on the private sector

I’ve spent most of my working life in catering in one guise or another. I left school with no qualifications but in my 40’s decided to change this. I went to college to do maths and English and it went from there. I first did a level 2 in health and social care as I was working in a home for people with dementia at the time. I then went back to default and worked for a further few years in catering management. As my husband recovered from illness and returned to work, I decided to carry on my studies, going on to do an access course, and then a degree in Social Policy at the University of York. My life experience of growing up on an estate, living in a hostel, and the struggles of being a single mother, helped me identify with the subjects covered by my degree. Social policy is about looking for and creating policy to help relieve social issues like housing, poverty and social exclusion. Having lived these myself, my life experiences proved invaluable.

I did my final dissertation on youth homelessness, an issue I care passionately about. Homelessness isn’t just about rough sleeping. In Scarborough there is much more hidden homelessness: families in temporary accommodation, youngsters sofa surfing or staying with friends, others with no guaranteed continued residency. Scarborough has a particular issue with this because of low wages, high rents and a reliance on the private sector (with its issues of section 21 eviction). These issues have been made worse by Tory governments and their ideological austerity programme since 2010.

I currently volunteer at a centre for those experiencing poverty. The centre has a food bank, debt advice, offers gas and electric top ups, and provides clothing, bedding and even Christmas presents for children from less fortunate families.

I want to be part of a new wave of politics in this town that sees a council making democratic decisions for the good of us all. Theresa Norton
Theresa Norton

My family moved to Scarborough from Leeds when I was 4. My dad then worked at Plaxtons until he retired. I attended St Peter’s school when it was in Auborough Street, and then went to the Convent and the sixth form college. I worked a few years in Scarborough, mainly at St. Mary’s hospital and then Scarborough general hospital, before moving down to London in 1982. I worked in catering and then ran my own café until 2003 when I returned to Scarborough.

It seems the Tory incumbents in our Town Hall do not make decisions that reflect the needs of the residents of this town, but rather for their own benefit or business interests

I spent a few years travelling the world before again buying a business, running cafés first in Whitby and then in Scarborough. I witnessed first-hand the struggles of running a small business in this town and eventually had to sell up. I am now re-training as a teaching assistant, a completely new direction for me but I am enjoying the challenge so far! And although my dad died 10 years ago, my mum is 89, still living at Eastfield, and I am now her main carer.

My interest in politics really started when Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. I was completely frustrated and angry at how the Conservative party were treating people like me, just normal people who try to work hard for a living but who don’t always manage to make it pay. Theresa May made many promises when she took over from David Cameron but as the months and years passed it was clear that she was only saying what she thought we wanted to hear, and her actions didn’t match up to her promises. So I joined the Labour Party in the hope that I could become involved and make a difference. This nearly became a reality in the 2017 General Election when the current MP for our area Robert Goodwill won by only a very narrow margin. This used to be a ‘safe’ seat, but not any more because we are working hard to oust him and certainly will when the next election is called!

But first we have the local elections. I decided to stand as a councillor for a similar reason: because I am completely frustrated, and even angry, with the present situation. It seems to me that the Tory majority of current incumbents in our Town Hall do not make decisions that reflect the needs of the residents of this town, but rather for their own benefit or business interests. Being in local politics is not something I would ever have contemplated for a minute, but I am so disheartened by these ‘representatives’ of the people that I now feel compelled to act.

I have been involved in various campaigns in Scarborough, namely a demonstration at the Town Hall to demand a real living wage for all employees – Scarborough has the dubious accolade of being the lowest paid town in Britain – and more recently being part of a group of Labour members who are fighting to stop the Post Office from closing and moving to W.H. Smith. I am also a member of the group Extinction Rebellion, activists who engage with the media and public to draw awareness to the very real danger of climate change and environmental catastrophe.

I love Scarborough and the Yorkshire coast and countryside. I walk for miles throughout the year and even take a swim in the sea in summer! I would really like to see Scarborough work harder to get its blue flag and make swimming more pleasurable for all residents and visitors. I believe that if I am elected as a councillor I can help to make some real changes that will benefit us, the people of Eastfield and Scarborough, and not just line the pockets of a few while bringing no true benefits for the many. There have been enough bad decisions and white elephants from councillors who do not seem to be accountable for their deeds. I want to be part of a new wave of politics in this town that sees a council making democratic decisions for the good of us all. And then I want to see a Labour government in Downing street making similar decisions for the betterment of this country, re-instating proper funding for local council services and putting an end to austerity that is killing small Northern seaside towns like ours. Together we can do it, but you have to use your vote if you want change!

aiming to kick-start a major revitalization, to the benefit of the whole Eastfield community Tony Randerson
Tony Randerson

During the last six years as your councillor, I hope that my hard work, day after day, undertaking a massive amount of case work and running weekly street surgeries, shows my dedication to keep in close contact with those I represent.

I have helped numerous clubs and organisations in Eastfield and I truly get an immense amount of satisfaction helping those in need. I have been truly honoured and humbled to have been able to represent Eastfield, and to have been re-elected, and hopefully with your wonderful support will gain favour once again at the ballot box in May 2019.

I’ve represented Eastfield on Scarborough borough and North Yorkshire county councils since 2013.

During 2019 I want to continue my quest for the regeneration of Eastfield, starting with the High Street improvements. The aim is to kick-start a major revitalization, to the benefit of the whole Eastfield community. I have campaigned for six years for a new school for Overdale: work starts later this year, and the school should open in about September 2020.

I am a founder member and trustee of The Little Foot Trust Children’s Charity, based in Scarborough, where for almost 20 years we have been raising funds and taking children aged 10 and 11 on a five-day visit to London. These are children who for varying reasons haven’t had the opportunity for a holiday during their young lives. This year I am delighted to say that we took two boys from Eastfield.

My whole working life has been dedicated to helping and assisting my colleagues in the work place as a trade union official, and fellow residents as a councillor. My 25 years as Senior Union Convenor at Wards / Kingspan in Sherburn was extremely good grounding for my role as a public servant.

I was honoured to be elected to both Scarborough Borough Council, representing the Central Ward, and North Yorkshire County Council for the Castle ward, while I still worked at Ward / Kingspan positions. I then became a Regional Officer of Unite the Union, representing 7,000 members throughout Yorkshire and Humberside.

Upon my early retirement from Unite the Union in 2013, I fought for and duly won the Eastfield and Osgodby Division seat on North Yorkshire County Council. Later that year I also stood in a by-Election for the Eastfield Ward seat on Scarborough Borough Council, and was extremely pleased to gain the support of Eastfield residents.

It is only with your support that I will be able to continue the job I have started – and I make this plea to each and every one of you. If you have valued the work I put in over these past six years please pop down to the Polling Station – or ask for a postal vote – and vote not only for Tony Randerson, but for Team Labour, including my very capable running partners Joanne Maw and Theresa Norton.

Eastfield in the past has had a low turnout in elections. Let’s improve upon that on 2 May 2019.

Please vote Labour – Please vote Maw, Norton and Randerson for Eastfield. For the many and not just the few, and a promise of continued hard and dedicated work on your behalf.

Residents endorsements :

Liz Clarke of Eastfield says: “Tony has worked tirelessly for Eastfield and its residents. A ‘real’ councillor who listens and acts on behalf of the community. Tony has a very visible presence on the estate with regular street surgeries and involvement with local youth groups. In times when public spending is so restricted he fights for the best on the estate, and we, the residents, can clearly see the results of his efforts.”

Angie Goodman of Eastfield says: “Tony is a great councillor because he keeps it real. He is a very accessible councillor who listens, guides you and gets things done for you. He is the best councillor because we can see him anytime.”

Andy Thorpe of Eastfield says: “Tony has the best interests of his residents at heart. He stepped straight up last year and was a major player in helping set up a men’s local football team, including source funding. He is still very much involved now.”

Christine Watson of Eastfield says: “Tony is the only councillor I know of that actually cares about the residents of Eastfield. He works tirelessly to get things done for us”.

Adele and Gordon Jackson of Eastfield say: “Tony has shown he is totally committed to Eastfield and its residents through his dedication to answering all telephone calls, social media questions and letters within a 24 hour period.”

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