A vibrant place bustling with opportunity, one we can be proud to call home. Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey

We had a Labour Government for my entire school life and we were beneficiaries of the drive towards social mobility. My mum’s been a teacher in various capacities for most of my life and for some years I followed that road. Life got better under Labour. I got into politics because I want to change the world for the better, for as many people as we can, so that as many people can have the same equality of opportunity as I did. I’ve realised that this starts here, at home.

I want to represent Castle because I live and work here. I work for a company whose charitable arm helps the people of this town to return to work, education or training with advice and guidance on benefits, housing, advocacy, social security tribunal representation, and generally standing up for people’s aspirations and life chances, especially disabled people. I’m training as an accountant and my life goal is to go into forensic accounting. I’ve also been a teacher, mentor for disabled university students, and a volunteer youth worker. I’m also Youth Officer and Secretary of Scarborough & Whitby Young Labour.

I’m a pragmatist and I believe in pluralism, making decisions based on evidence and the practical realities of life and decisions made in the interests of the many, not the few, and in the interests of the people we are sent into local government to serve.

I have three big priorities if I were to be elected:

  1. Fair pay. We are shamed with the title of low pay capital of the UK. Scarborough Borough Council should be leaning on the companies it outsources to pay that real living wage, as well as paying its own staff the same.
  2. I want to see transparency in local government, for SBC to use the power it does have in the interests of the people it represents. To this, we should be demonstrating to ratepayers when we present them their council tax bill, exactly how and where we spend their rates and council tax. This needs to be in a simple and accessible way, similar to PAYE statements.
  3. Housing. I want SBC to work with local providers to make housing more available and more affordable, and to use our borrowing power to help people with their deposits, and to enable the building of better quality affordable housing.

I want our representatives to develop things the Borough needs and not only what a developer is willing to offer us, and for the town to be vibrant and bustling with opportunity, a place we can be proud to call home. For too long, we’ve seen too much focus on services for tourists, and not enough on the people who live here and fund our services. Let’s change that, together.

My particular interests reside in openness and transparency.. and around poverty. Carl Maw
Carl Maw

I live in the old town of Scarborough, the area of Scarborough where my family goes back generations. I’m a born, bred and proud Scarborian. A season ticket holder and society member/ joint owner of Scarborough Athletic FC, where you’ll always find me in the shed at home games.

A married father of three (11,19,24), I attended Northstead and Raincliffe schools before Scarborough Sixth form college, then the University of Bradford.

I’ve represented Northstead ward on the Borough council for the last four years. After moving into the Castle ward, with its family connections, it felt time to stand in the area I now live. Not only representing residents with their issues, but pushing for answers and improvements around Peasholm Park/Glen and the North Bay development area. Castle ward has many issues that over the last four years I have fought to make a difference on – issues such as low incomes, the running down of the town centre and some of its buildings, parking, and the destruction of this wonderful town’s heritage.

As a qualified accounting technician with years of work experience in the area, I have a good grasp of finance. I have for the past four years acted as shadow finance and procurement portfolio holder for the Labour opposition, attempted to hold the Tories’ financial decisions to account and to get some transparency and openness.

I work (most of the week) as the Chief Officer for a local charity whose aim is to enable everyone to live independently to their fullest potential despite physical/ sensory/ mental impairment or age-related barriers, so they are able to have control and choice over their lives. We believe everyone should be able to live independently and participate in their communities. I also work a few days a week as Operations Manager for a another local mental health charity. I’ve previously worked on projects dealing with the devastating effects of austerity on ordinary people. It’s heart-breaking having to introduce a working or disabled person to the Rainbow centre for food, clothes, or money to just keep the lights on. People who are all doing the right things are forced by a heartless, punitive Tory system into levels of poverty we shouldn’t see in twenty-first century Britain.

Scarborough Borough for too long now under the Conservatives (with the assistance of two independents) has seen a huge decline. Tourism is important to Scarborough’s economy, though not at the expense of residents. Scarborough, and particularly the South Bay, boasts the second most visited area after London in the UK – yet ashamedly, Scarborough has become the low pay capital. This can’t be right. The balance between catering for tourism and the living standards of residents needs rebalancing. We need drastic change, it’s the residents who live here all year, it’s the residents who pay the council tax, and it’s the residents that elects the councillor – yet it’s the resident who are not heard.

My particular interests reside in openness and transparency:

The council is there to serve the residents and not the opposite, as has been the case for far too long. I believe in being open, transparent, accessible to all and honest with those we serve. As a starting point I would promise to let residents know how their money has and will be spent. This will be achieved by pushing for a simple, user friendly and plain English dashboard on how your money was spent in the last financial year and also on plans for future spending.

Also around poverty:

We should use our influence to the benefit of the many not the few, to persuade and nudge. Past mistakes have seen only developers benefiting from the council’s buying power. As the area’s largest purchaser of services we need to use this buying power in a positive way to benefit the local economy.

For example

  • buy as much as we legally can from local companies
  • award contracts to those companies who pay the living wage
  • give priority to those companies who pay their fair share of UK Tax
  • where there are no local companies who can provide the services we need, work to encourage new local market entrants
  • work with other big organisations in the Borough to do the same – the hospitals, university, big employers.
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